Our Price Promise

Our Price Promise

We like to think that we have some of the best prices for our fire safety products in Australia. We know we will always beat others on service, however sometimes we may be a little higher in price than others if they are offering 'specials' on their products. Because of this we are offering our price promise to you.

What is our Price Promise?

  • We provide only high quality, Australian Standard approved, brand new equipment, with current year manufacture date (unless specified) at what we believe are the best prices.
  • We promise that if a competitor has a comparable product for sale at a lower price, we will do what we can to beat it or match it.
  • We will do our best to get you a lower total order cost.
  • We will not price match product from overseas or for non-approved products.
  • If we cannot match the pricing, we'll be honest and tell you!

What do we need?

To keep our price promise to you, we will need you to do the following:-

  • Call Steve on 0449 849 763 or email sales@fullworksfiresafety.com.au and provide us the pricing we have to beat.
  • Consider that our Fire extinguishers / Blankets come with location and description signs, all brackets and STAMPED maintenance tags - on larger orders our delivery becomes free.
  • We handle 99% of our stock - This ensures we offer a consistent and good quality product - It also means we ship from Perth, WA
  • The 'other' supplier must have product in stock and of current year manufacture date (for fire extinguishers)
  • Once we have provided you pricing, you will need to place the order / pay for the order over the phone or by email.
  • If you are happy, tell all the friends, family, colleagues and companies you know just how great we are!