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Fire Safety is generally not at the front of everyone's minds on a day to day basis! Fire effects people on a daily basis, especially in Australia. We should not need to think too much about fire safety, but we should know what to do and be equipped to deal with fire if and when it occurs!

This News, Blog and Information section will give you Tips on fire safety at home and at work plus updates in regulations and news relating to the Fire Safety industry. Feel free to comment on our posts.

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Back to School - How Fire Works

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That's right folks... its back to school time with a bit of basic chemistry! We are going to talk about fire, how it 'works', what types of fire extinguishers or fire safety equipment are available to fight different types of fires and how these various methods of extinguishing fires work. Its very simple, it should be easy to remember, it should help you if you ever try and fight a fire and lastly it may stop you from being severely injured if you use the wrong fire extinguisher for the type of fire.

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