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Home Fire Safety helped by GIO and Fire & Rescue NSW partnership

Home Fire Safety helped by GIO and Fire & Rescue NSW partnership

GIO takes Fire and Rescue NSW partnership to new level

30 April 2013:

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) established a partnership program in 2008 to actively seek private sector funding to help deliver community engagement programs. As a result of the partnership program, FRNSW has been able to develop and improve a number of public safety initiatives.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Whybro, Director Community Safety, is proud of the results.

“From the inception of the partnership program in 2008 to 2011, there has been a 36% increase in community engagement activities delivered by FRNSW,” Assistant Commissioner Whybro said.

“Over the same period, we’ve seen a decrease of 6.47% in residential home fires, and a 6.07% decrease in residential home fires against the five- year average.”

GIO has recently signed on to the Major Community Partnerships program for a further three years and has increased its level of support, becoming FRNSW’s first ever Principal Partner.

During the course of the relationship, GIO has been instrumental in assisting FRNSW to develop the online Home Fire Safety Audit tool and the FRNSW Recovery Kit. GIO has also contributed significantly to a range of other community engagement initiatives over and above their contractual arrangements, including the Winter Fire Safety campaign, and the ever-popular Open Day.

Over the next three years, GIO will be increasing their commitment to help FRNSW develop and deliver a number of community engagement programs, campaigns, and initiatives. The additional funds will help FRNSW undertake important updates to improve the usability of the online Home Fire Safety Audit, to deliver a bigger and better Winter Fire Safety campaign, and a more integrated Fire Prevention Week and Open Day.

As Principal Partner, GIO will now receive acknowledgement across all FRNSW community engagement brochures and material that appears in the public domain. In coming months, you will see updated branding rolled out across the Kitchen Fire Simulators, pull-up banners, fact sheets, brochures, and our website.

Assistant Commissioner Whybro is excited about the future.
“The funds and resources committed by a valuable partner like GIO allows FRNSW to enhance and expand the delivery of it’s community engagement initiatives and education programs ,” he said.

“Brigade Kids, Recovery Kits, and the Home Fire Safety Audit are a testament to this.

“With increased sponsorship funding, the Community Safety team can continue to support the great work firefighters are doing to deliver local community safety initiatives and campaigns, helping to deliver further reductions in preventable home fires, related injuries, and fatalities.”

Watch the video to learn more.


Original press release can be downloaded here


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