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Your experience of Fire Safety Companies - We'd like your opinions!

Your experience of Fire Safety Companies - We'd like your opinions!

On a day to day basis around Perth we hear a few stories about Fire Safety Suppliers and Service providers from the companies that we visit. Some of them are positive and some are not so positive..

Feedback is one of our most valuble resources for improvement. As a Fire Safety company based in Perth, we get to visit everything from small business to huge business, from a local lunch bar to a multinational mining corporation. Now more than ever companies are watching how they spend and what they spend it on. They are demanding better service and better pricing, but it appears that the 2 rarely go hand in hand.

Some companies that we speak to are more than happy with their present fire safety and service supplier, which is great, others are very unhappy with many aspects of their chosen company.

Of the problems we hear, recurring issues are as follows:-

  • Reliability - Never turn up on time if they turn up at all.
  • Cost - Normally of the Products or 'administration' fees
  • Cost - Always provide the most expensive option to resolve an issue.
  • Documentation - Not providing any kind of documentation
  • Honesty - Invoicing for work not completed
  • Rude Technicians
  • Threatening behaviour when cancelling service agreements

Of course we would love to hear your experiences of companies you have used, wherever in the world they may be, including comments on our own performance!

We pride ourselves on our customer service, our great value pricing, our efficiency and our honesty. The feedback that we get shows that these key areas are our point of difference. Try us out as your new fire safety service and supply company and see what you think!

Feel free to leave comments highlighting your experiences below, but please leave the company name out of your comments (for legal reasons). Alternatively you can comment on our facebook post at



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