Fire Extinguisher - 9lt Air / Water

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This high quality 9 litre air / water fire extinguisher is supplied with a wall bracket, a fire extinguisher location sign, an air / water fire extinguisher identification sign and is supplied Filled. Due to the fire extinguishers weight it will require mounting on a solid wall.

When to use:-

Class A fires – Ordinary combustibles

Where to use:-

This air / water fire extinguisher is ideal for use in areas that contain ordinary combustible materials such as paper, cardboard and wood. With a 6m range the fire extinguisher can be used from a safe distance and the water jet can be accurately controlled via the hose. When combined with a CO2 fire extinguisher as found here it creates an ideal fire extinguisher package for use in the office.

Where not to use:-

This air / water fire extinguisher is NOT TO BE USED for electrical fires or cooking oil / fat fires under any circumstances.

For a guide to selecting the correct portable fire extinguisher for specific classes of fires please refer to the FPA's Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide which can be viewed and purchased from us here



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